Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
Frequently Asked Questions
Did my purchase go through? - I got a blank screen with no confirmation after I tried purchasing. Make sure you are logged in and go view your receipt page. If the receipt is there, then the transaction went through. If it is not, you can go purchase again.

Transaction error - My card/paypal was charged, but I didn't land on a receipt page. This means that your purchase was most likely completed, but an error occurred in one of the apps serial number generation. Simply follow the steps in FAQ #1 above to view your receipt and get your serials. If a serial number is missing, we'll add it back to your account at the end of the day when we do a clean-up.

Serial Numbers Don't Work - When I enter the serial numbers after purchasing, they aren't working. First, read your receipt carefully; especially the text around your serial number or a "Special Instructions" section. Many of the titles have a different NAME than your personal name. They might be in the format like "MacUpdate Bundle ####". To view the latest version of your receipt, follow the steps in the first Q&A above. Also, when entering your name and serial, try both copy/pasting and manually entering the codes into your app's registration form. If worst comes to worst, please email the developer and include a screenshot of you entering the name and serial number into the app.

Double Charged - I was double charged. What do I do? Email with the following information: Your login email address, first & last name, and receipt number if you have it. We'll cancel or reverse your duplicate charge.

Refund my purchase - Can you refund my promo purchase? The time limited discounts here are substantial so there are no refunds available. Please be sure to download and try the software out before you make the purchase. And be sure you see the marked price that you are purchasing at.

Mistyped my email. Need Serials - I mistyped my email when purchasing and the serials never got to me. Now what? Read the Q&A #1 to make sure your serials are not on your receipt. You can edit your profile to correct your MacUpdate Membership email address. Then you will need to manually email the developer and include the receipt order ID, your full name, old email that was mistyped and the new one they should send it to. Then they should be able to email you your serial number to the proper address. It may take a few days as this is manually intensive.

The site won't load! - The promo page won't load at all, or some pieces are missing. Please make sure that you are using a current browser, and that you have both JavaScript and Cookies enabled.

I missed out the promotion or bundle - The promotion or bundle has expired, can I still buy it?. We're sorry, but we are only able to offer these great discounts for a limited time. When the clock on the page counts down to 0:00, usually at midnight, the promo or bundle is over and we can not sell it after that. All times are Eastern Standard Time, US. Some promotions will still be availble in our extended promos area after their initial promotion is over.

I'm a developer - I'm a developer that wants to participate in the MacUpdate Deals. Email Mark, our deals marketing guru at:

General Support Email - I have another questions. What email address do I use for support? Email our general support: