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Included in today's mini-bundle, are 5 incredible apps from MacAppware: MacOptimizer is an incredibly fast and efficient disk utility to quickly help you clean, repair and organize your Mac. The all new Image Smith takes batch images processing to the next level while Candy Apple packs powerful vector drawing tools with photo editing special effects. Combine all of this with over 1,500 Premium Fonts and hundreds of design elements in the Mini-Design Bundle and you have the perfect set of tools for anyone with a creative itch!

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MacOptimizer Icon

MacOptimizer ($29.99)


Do you have applications that keep crashing or don't even open? Have you noticed your Mac is running slower? Are you having trouble locating files or folders on your Desktop? MacOptimizer is an incredibly fast and efficient disk utility to quickly help you clean, repair and organize your Mac. MacOptimizer gets your Mac back in shape with quick, essential tools to:

  • NEW! Free Cache feature: Flush DNS cache.
  • NEW! Memory Hogs feature: Memory Pressure support for Mavericks.
  • NEW! Memory Hogs feature: Analyze now supports top ten process hogging apps.
  • NEW! Desktop Genie feature: Customize Desktop Genie for Organize by Type.
  • Clean your system caches
  • Optimize your Mac
  • Speed up Mail
  • Free up inactive memory
  • Run regular maintenance
  • Customize system settings
  • Remove unnecessary language files
  • Clean and organize your Desktop
  • And more
MacOptimizer includes:
  • Free Cache: Clear your system of temporary files causing poor performance and stability.
  • Optimization: Optimize your Mac so your OS and applications run faster.
  • Maintenance: Run system maintenance tasks to keep your Mac running smoothly.
  • System Tweaks: Get easy access to hidden OS X settings and other useful tweaks that make it easier to work on your Mac.
  • Language Buster: Remove unnecessary language files to recover space on your Mac.
  • Desktop Genie: Clean up your Desktop to speed up your Mac.
System Requirements: OS X 10.7 or later

Candy Apple Icon

Candy Apple ($29.99)

Tasty graphic design and illustration for any professional or beginner!

Candy Apple is a fun way to easily design creative artwork and illustrations, and quickly enhance photos and add effects like a pro. Take a bite and treat yourself to a full featured vector drawing application packed with professional tools and dynamic effects that will make every design a polished work of art.

Features include:

  • NEW! Added support for SVG format
  • Full vector support
  • Enhance pictures and add effects
  • Draw illustrations and graphics
  • Draw Rectangle, Oval, Round Rectangle, Round End Rectangle, Line, Polygon, Path, Freehand, Ring, Speech Balloon, and Arc
  • Use what you create royalty free
  • Convert text to a shape or path
  • Adjust freehand drawing to create smooth looking paths
  • Vectorize images to turn any photo into an editable graphic
  • Add strokes (regular, arrowed, rough, zig-zag)
  • Add fills (solid, gradient, pattern, zig-zag, hatch)
  • Add text on a path
  • Add an image to text
  • Blend and mask effects
  • Over 130 filters and effects
  • Full layer support
  • Boolean operation support to combine shapes
  • Easily align multiple items on your canvas
  • Rulers and guides make it easy to place items in the right location
  • Snap to grid, snap to guides, or snap to other objects
  • Zoom in or out to get every detail pixel perfect
  • Import SVG graphics and edit their vector paths
  • Export in fully editable vector PDF
  • Export as an image (JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, GIF)
  • Supports transparent backgrounds
  • Extensive help file explains Candy Apple's tools in detail
  • And more!
System Requirements: OS X 10.6.8 or later

Image Smith Icon

Image Smith ($14.99)

Process a ton of images all at once Tired of wasting countless hours converting and editing your pictures? Editing a large number of images is a time consuming, mind numbing repetitive process if you don't have an application like Image Smith to do it for you n in a fraction of the time!Image Smith - Batch Image Processing for Mac

Batch format and convert images

Use Image Smith as a powerful batch image processing tool. With a variety of features you can easily scale, re-orient, re-colorize, convert, and flatten images. Image Smith can open most picture file types, and output in common industry standard formats like JPEG, GIF, PSD, TIFF, PNG, BMP, and more.

Create smaller, web-friendly copies

Use the pre-defined presets in Image Smith to scale or stretch images down to formats suitable for web banners, e-mailing photos, creating backups, and more! This is ideal for taking large photos from your camera (which are typically greater than five megabytes each these days!) and scaling and converting them down to a manageable size of only a few hundred kilobytes for easy image management.

Professional image manipulation

Many power-user features are also included: changing the color levels, applying a sepia effect, inverting, changing the contrast, auto-leveling, extracting image masks, and rotating by angle. You can also instantly preview the effect of each setting before processing the entire set.

Supports: Mac OS X 10.6.8 and later (including Mavericks)

  • Over 30 image size presets
  • Scale image widths and/or heights
  • Stretch image widths and/or heights
  • Output as JPEG, PNG, GIF, PSD, TIFF, and a variety of other formats
  • Preserve GIF animation
  • Change JPEG output quality
  • Rotate by 360 degrees
  • Flip image horizontally
  • Flip image vertically
  • Invert image
  • Change image hue, saturation, and brightness levels
  • Modify image contrast
  • Apply a Sepia effect
  • Automatic Leveling
  • Preview effect settings before processing
  • Strip or keep image transparency
  • Export image without mask
  • Export mask only
System Requirements: OS X 10.6.8 or later

Image Smith Icon

Premium Fonts ($99)

1,577 Premium Commercial Use Mac Fonts

BRAND NEW FONTS ADDED! Premium Fonts for home and business projects.

Tired of the same old looking fonts? Need to change up the text style in a presentation, print project or a graphic design project? Download brand new premium font designs that just came off our development floor. This collection now includes 124 original font families (we started a year ago with only 54 font families), with a total of 1,577 fonts in all. Each font is in OpenType font format and can be used for any personal and business project on both Mac and PC computers. International character support is standard for every premium font.

Each premium font in this collection just came off our design floor so you will not find them anywhere else.

  • NEW! 1,577 total fonts
  • NEW! 124 unique font families
  • All premium fonts in OpenType font format
  • 10 computer, commercial use license
  • Work on both Mac and PC (cross-platform compatible)
System Requirements: Mac OS X, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

Mini Design Icon

Mini Design Bundle ($379.00)

The Mini Design Bundle packs together an imaginative set of logos, logo graphics, website buttons, icons, backgrounds, price boxes, and talk bubbles. Everything is royalty free for commercial use, and includes high-resolution image formats as well as the original PSD, EPS or AI source files.

The bundle includes:
  • 100+ high-resolution logo objects (transparent PNGs)
  • 50+ fully layered logo templates (PSDs)
  • 1 Apple-centric e-commerce button set in layered PSD format
  • 20+ backgrounds in high-resolution JPEG format with original layered PSDs
  • 20+ talk bubbles in high-resolution PNG format with original layered PSDs
  • 1 price box set in layered PSD format
  • 4 icons sets, 700+ total icons (original AI files, as well as EPS and transparent PNG formats)
System Requirements: Mac OS X, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8. Requires Adobe Photoshop for PSD and EPS files, and Adobe Illustrator for AI files.

What does it do?
Five great apps from MacAppware at an incredible 95% off!
Who is it for?
Chock-full of design and image tools, this mini-bundle from MacAppware is perfect for both the novice and professional creator!
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