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Use App Wrapper to easily prepare your apps for distribution in the App Store. Compatible with LiveCode, Apple Script, Xojo and other development tools, App Wrapper simplifies the process of packaging applications so you can spend more time focusing on your app’s development.
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About this Deal
App Wrapper is much more than just a GUI interface for Apple's command line tools to codesign applications and build installers. App Wrapper can generate high-quality icons from transparent images, validate and install Apple-compatible help, configure an Apple About box, create ZIP files, add important keys to PLIST documents, and more.

Code Sign Engine v2.0

Code signing is required for both the Mac App Store & OS X Mountain Lion. App Wrapper's Code signing engine makes it a cinch to Code sign helper apps, frameworks, plugins & AppleScripts.


Required for the Mac App Store, and so easy with App Wrapper. Add all kinds of entitlements to Sanboxed apps, using our new improved interface. Configure migration for users upgrading to the Sandboxed version of your App.

Application & Document Icons

Take almost any transparent image file, and get App Wrapper to create the app and accompanying document icons. Our High Quality scaling, ensures the icons look great even at smaller sizes, the doc icons conform to Apple's HIG specification. App Wrapper can even create Retina compatible icons.

Apple Compatible Help

Use App Wrapper to add help files and help folders to your application. App Wrapper will set up the plist information for you. The new Help Validator, does some simple XHTML verification and checks for some of the most commonly occurring problems with help documents.


When wrapping an application, App Wrapper will check the plist settings and notify you to potential issues. Once your app is wrapped, use App Wrapper to verify the Code signature & Sandbox information.

Uniform Type Identifiers (UTI)

Need to add UTI's to your application, use App Wrapper to do so. It can even take a document type and create a matching UTI from it. Working with Document Packages just got a whole lot easier.

To see see all of the amazing things App Wrapper can do to help speed your development workflow, visit the developer's Web site.


What does it do?
Prepare your apps for distribution in the App Store.
Who is it for?
If you create software for the Mac, you'll love the simplicity provided by App Wrapper.

OS X 10.6 or later
Xcode 4 or later


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