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Crossword Forge is the easiest way to make word puzzles for the web and print. Just enter the clues and answers and Crossword Forge will instantly create a crossword or word search puzzle. Instantly create unique, challenging puzzles, and get your word-game fix on demand!
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Crossword Forge generates crossword puzzles and word searches from customizable sources, letting you pull words from print, PDFs, the Web and more. Instantly create unique, challenging puzzles, and get your word-game fix on demand!

Engage Your Brain Crossword Forge's generation engine maximizes word density based on your word choices, creating puzzles that effortlessly match newspaper grids in layout and design!

Customize Your Puzzle
  • Create Flash-powered interactive web puzzles.
  • Add scrambled word banks, bonus clues, and more.
  • Customize grid-shapes and incorporate backdrop images.
  • Edit existing puzzles with ease.
The word is out -- Crossword Forge is the ultimate puzzle-maker for your Mac!


What does it do?
Automatically creates crossword and word search puzzles based on your clues and answers. Add custom backgrounds and layouts for a unique puzzle that is perfect for your needs.
Who is it for?
The perfect tool for anybody that needs to create crossword puzzles.
OS X 10.4 or later
Sol Robots

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