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Recover lost data on drives.

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About this Deal
Data Rescue... Do you have a corrupt hard drive or one that no longer mounts? Are other tools failing to even recognize your bad drive? Do you need to recover files that have been deleted? Data Rescue 3 is the best digital data recovery software on the market for recovering files from a problem hard drive or that have been previously deleted. Data Rescue 3 works when other tools fail. Data Rescue 3 is also completely safe to use since it does not attempt any risky repairs to the drive it's scanning. This is the safest, most powerful software to recover your hard drive. Data Rescue 3 is the same software used by many data recovery services!

You will need to save your recovered files to either an internal or external hard drive (USB or FireWire), removable media device (such as a Zip or MO) or a networked drive. An optional emergency bootable DVD is available.

Why do I need Data Rescue 3?
  • If your hard drive won't mount.
  • If your hard drive is corrupt and you can't access files from it.
  • If you have deleted files that you need to recover.
Hard drive recovery in a box
  • Award-winning software, works when other utilities have failed.
  • Recovers all types of files from your hard drive
  • Works if the drive fails to mount or only partially operates.
  • Recovers deleted files.
  • Recovers digital pictures from your camera media even after it has been erased or reformatted.
  • Recover your whole drive or just the files you need.
  • Clone a drive that is about to physically fail and do the recovery from the clone.
  • Leaves the original drive untouched to preserve data.
  • Bootable emergency DVD included.
  • Recovers pictures, movies and music from Mac and PC drives, iPods, cameras, and any type of digital media card.
  • Professional results, yet easy to use.
Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later.
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