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Dejal Simon 4: four years after version 3, four months in development, it's time to go forth. The all new Simon 4 includes a fresh new design, unifying all of the lists, logs and editors into a single window, so everything is at your fingertips. It also uses a more attractive layout for the lists of tests, services, filters, notifiers and reports. A much requested enhancement is the introduction of groups, enabling you to organize your tests, services, etc into logical collections. Those with lots of tests will be pleased to learn that the limits on the number of tests have been removed — everyone can have as many tests as they wish. This also simplifies the pricing for new and existing customers. There are numerous other enhancements too, like email services, a context filter, filter output in the preview, password protection, the ability to hide from the Dock, and much more.

Simon monitors websites and alerts you of crashes and changes.

Select pages to monitor, choose your alert options, and customize your settings. Simon does the rest.

Keep a watchful eye on your favorite sites

  • Monitor any site. Want to receive an alert when a favorite blog has been updated? Or monitor activity on your personal page? If it's on the Web, Simon can watch it for you.
  • Enjoy flexible alert options. Find out about page changes via alarms, emails, or speech. Whether you're at work or at home, Simon has an alert option to match your level of urgency.
  • Get support for multiple services. DNS, FTP, IMAP, MySQL, Twitter, SMTP. Simon has built-in support for almost any service you can imagine.

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<![CDATA[Videobox 40% off today]]> https://deals.macupdate.com/deal/16801/12332/videobox https://deals.macupdate.com/deal/16801/12332/videobox Videobox

Videobox allows you to quickly and easily download Flash video from most all of the popular video sites on the internet. Videobox will convert the video into a native Quicktime format so it's ready to view on your Mac, iPod, iPhone or iTunes.

Videobox also has a bookmarklet and Safari browser extension, so you can save your favorite videos in just a single click!

All new in the just released 4.1!:

  • [UPDATE] Updated Mediasearch for searching series episodes directly in Videobox
  • [NEW] Multicore video conversion! Good for Full HD and not losing your patience
  • [UPDATE] Updated fast downloaders

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<![CDATA[Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker 50% off today]]> https://deals.macupdate.com/deal/16803/12332/aurora-3d-text-%26-logo-maker https://deals.macupdate.com/deal/16803/12332/aurora-3d-text-%26-logo-maker Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker

Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker will allow even the technically inexperienced to quickly and effortlessly compose and arrange strikingly beautiful and impressive three-dimensional images. Do you have pressing needs to finish your project quickly and easily? Then don’t look any further! With the hundreds of templates built in within Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker, you’ll be able to take advantage of a myriad of eye-catching effects like reflections and deformation textures. Or if you prefer, you could import your own images and modify and adapt them to meet your unique design needs!

Create 3D text effects and 3D logo animations in minutes for the web and your movies! You don’t even need to be proficient over the layout or 3D Design basics!

Your goal may be to enhance and vitalize your images, web pages or to display your text or graphics with interesting effects, but unfortunately you may not be familiar with 3D design software. The learning curve for 3DSMax may be too steep and costly, while the skills to use Photoshop tend to be tedious and slow. Here is where Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker comes to your rescue with its ease to use and powerful set of design tools for your text, shapes or logo needs.

Our software will provide you with hundreds of style options, and save you time while increasing your efficiency with many user-friendly operations such as: reflections, mixing, deformation textures, and many others, metal, glass, plastic and various texture effects, while always maintaining impressive 3D effects! Additionally, hand shape, svg graphics, font graphics imports, or import of pictures and external models, will provide you with the flexibility and power that you require for your intended designs.

Do you need a simple way to make outstanding title and banner animations, or promote your website with unique logos and advertisement? Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker will provide you with all the satisfaction of creating magnificent designs while also providing you flexible tools for composing persuasive advertising products. Once finished, you can then directly export to gif, swf, flv, picture sequences and many kinds of video format animations compatible with different design software. Please take a look at our sample design products and agree that Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker is the best 3D text effects designer, 3D logo maker and 3d icon maker software!

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<![CDATA[Web Snapper 33% off today]]> https://deals.macupdate.com/deal/16725/12332/web-snapper https://deals.macupdate.com/deal/16725/12332/web-snapper Web Snapper
Web Snapper lets you capture Web pages exactly as they appear in your browser. You can send them to a file as images or vector-based, multi-page PDFs. It captures the whole Web page - eliminating the need to cut, paste and crop multiple screen-shots when trying to create an image or PDF.

Web Snapper integrates with Safari via a toolbar button. When clicked, it takes a picture of the current page - but it will also work with any browser as a stand-alone application that accepts drag-and-drop URLs. Regardless of how you invoke it, Web Snapper converts the URL it was given into a continuous vector PDF with everything on the page looking exactly as you originally saw it in the browser.

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<![CDATA[iMazing 50% off today]]> https://deals.macupdate.com/deal/16695/12332/imazing https://deals.macupdate.com/deal/16695/12332/imazing iMazing
iMazing (was DiskAid) is the ultimate iOS device manager with capabilities far beyond what iTunes offers. With iMazing and your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, or iPod), you can:
  • Copy music to and from any iOS device (even from one iOS device to another!) regardless of what Mac or PC the device is already synced to; it's music copy how you always wished it could be, without limitations or restrictions
  • Backup & restore individual iOS apps and your custom saved data, perfect for freeing up space on your iOS device without losing your files (or progress in a game) or for copying the app as-is to another iOS device
  • Transfer files to and from an iOS device, and browse the iOS file system
  • Use your iOS device like an external drive
  • Browse and save messages (SMS, MMS, iMessage), voicemails, and call logs, none of which iTunes can do
  • Browse, save, and add contacts to your iPhone, without automatically adding them to your iCloud account
  • Manage multiple backups of the same iOS device and restore from any one (similar to Time Machine for iOS)
  • And other amazing things you never thought possible!

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<![CDATA[WindowMizer 25% off today]]> https://deals.macupdate.com/deal/16691/12332/windowmizer https://deals.macupdate.com/deal/16691/12332/windowmizer WindowMizer

WindowMizer is an application that will "roll-up" a window like a windowshade.

When you double-click the title bar of a window, WindowMizer minimizes the window to the Dock and leaves a placeholder title bar on the screen. When you want to get back to what you were doing, simply double-click the placeholder title bar and the window will restore from the Dock. No need to navigate to the Dock to find the window you just minimized... it's exactly where you left it!

WindowMizer also helps you maintain an organized desktop by allowing you to see all opened windows at once and provides easy restoration of minimized windows by double-clicking the titlebar placeholder. Perfect for single-monitor systems where space is a commodity. Works on multiple-monitor systems and increases productivity.

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<![CDATA[DreamShot 30% off today]]> https://deals.macupdate.com/deal/16687/12332/dreamshot https://deals.macupdate.com/deal/16687/12332/dreamshot DreamShot

DreamShot saves you time by using one shortcut to take screenshots for all of your apps, services, and destinations. It uses all of the specialized tools on your mac that deal with images. So keep your current system in place, but tie it all together into one seamless experience with DreamShot.

When you capture an image with DreamShot, you are instantly presented with a large preview, and a list of options that is generated from the apps and services you use on your Mac. Send the capture anywhere with only one click. You can even print, copy to clipboard, send to Dropbox, custom folders, social networks, or any place that supports image import on your Mac.


  • Capture with Shift+CMD+D or any custom shortcut you choose. 

  • The menubar panel holds your previous screenshots for easy reuse.

  • Drag a screenshot from the preview window to anywhere on your Mac. 

  • Hide unwanted destinations from view. 

  • Set a 'Favorites' destination to any place on your Mac. 

  • Instantly see a large preview of your screen capture and retake if needed.

  • Instantly print, save, copy to clipboard, or open and edit preview. 

  • Responsive developers that love to hear from you!

SUPPORTED APPS AND SERVICES: (Some unavailable on pre-Mountain Lion systems)
  • Evernote 

  • Outlook 

  • Facebook 

  • Mail 

  • Droplr 

  • Twitter 

  • Flickr 

  • Cloud 

  • Pixelmator 

  • Photoshop 

  • Illustrator 

  • DayOne 

  • Print 

  • Save 

  • Preview 

  • Sketchbook Pro 

  • Sketchbook Express 

  • Sparrow 

  • Postbox 

  • Airdrop 

  • Airmail 

  • iPhoto 

  • Aperture 

  • Clarify 

  • Clipboard 

  • Desktop 

  • Mailplane 

  • iMessage 

  • Skitch 

Our goal is for DreamShot to become even more useful and powerful to your screenshot workflow. We've got dozens of feature ideas that we are carefully looking at implementing. We can't wait to hear about how you use DreamShot. Please let us know anything you would like to see in future versions!

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<![CDATA[Pagico 25% off today]]> https://deals.macupdate.com/deal/16669/12332/pagico https://deals.macupdate.com/deal/16669/12332/pagico Pagico

Pagico helps you manage all your projects, clients, files, notes and todos. You can easily categorize projects, cross-reference people with tasks, and visualize your schedule. With simple yet flexible designs, Pagico is a very unique productivity app.

Interactive Flowcharts. Its revolutionary flowchart intuitively presents all your schedule data without being overwhelming, helping you to easily and visually stay on track. With the brand-new Stats view, you can actually see how productive you have been, making your job a little more satisfying to do.

Forecast and Daily Planning. Take a look at the Dashboard screen, and you'll have a clear sense of your upcoming schedule. Start your day from the Daily Planning section, which allows you to prioritize things for the current day, see all late or upcoming items, and reschedule items if necessary.

Manage files and notes along with tasks. Unlike other todo apps, Pagico manages notes and files as well! So you can create your action items, and drop in those related files. Making a road trip? Use the List feature to plan your stops, and drag in restaurant menus or visitor guides. Meeting a client? Import your design drafts right next to the design requirements.

Manage projects with powerful tagging support. With Pagico, you can easily manage all your projects and archive old stuff when necessary. Our innovative tag browser allows you to effortlessly navigate among your ocean of projects. Find any project with just a few clicks.

Manage your clients and cross-reference. Create contact profiles and manage contact-specific notes, tasks and even files (such as emails). Have a few clients connected to a project? You can easily create cross-link among them. In fact, Pagico allows you to cross-reference between anything: notes, tasks, files, projects and contacts!

Use Smart Collections to customize the way you see your data. Smart Collections are like smart playlists. Set one or more keywords, and it'll include everything (tasks, notes, projects and contacts) in it automatically. GTD users would probably set up a few smart collections, such as @errands and @office, while we usually have @bugs for bug tracking and @improvements for feature wish lists.

Sync data via the cloud. Via the built-in Workspaces feature, you can easily and selectively share projects/contacts data with your other computers, and iOS devices*. If you work with a small team, then you can use the Workspace feature to easily sync data and collaborate with your team.

Cross-platform compatible. Pagico for Desktop is compatible with Mac OS X, Windows and Ubuntu. Do you have multiple personal computers? Simply install Pagico on all of them and set up a workspace to sync data among them. For more details on features and to see screenshots, please check out the Pagico for Desktop official webpage (http://www.pagico.com/pc/).

Pagico Plus for iOS, sold separately, is required to sync data with iOS device. An Android app is being developed and will be released in Summer 2014.

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