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Internet radio multi-recorder with 10,000+ stations.
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NOTE: The promo price is for a 3 seat license. This means you can install Radio Gaga on three different machines! Radio Gaga is the ultimate Internet radio multi-recorder. Listen to 10,000+ Internet radio stations. The world of Internet radio is vast and eclectic. With an endless number of radio stations streaming music, you can listen to just about anything you want. Radio Gaga contains an automatically updated directory of 10,000+ radio stations from around the world, separated into genres, so you can easily find the stations you want to listen to.

Multi-record dozens of radio stations simultaneously
Radio Gaga is the ultimate Mac program for not only listening to Internet radio stations, but also for multi-recording them. Radio Gaga can multi-record as many streams as your bandwidth allows, and save the resulting songs in MP3 format, trimmed and tagged for export to iTunes (of course, without DRM). Radio Gaga even has filters, so you can record only the music you like and ignore the rest.

Record when you're away; listen when you're home
Listening is one thing, but you're not always available when the programs or music you like are on. You can use Radio Gaga's schedule feature to set up one-off or regular recording sessions, so you can listen when you want. You can even set up multiple recording sessions, for as many streams and at as many times as you want. The only limits are your bandwidth and your hard disk space. Radio Gaga saves the resulting recordings in its Tracks library where you can sort your music, listen to it, and export it to your iTunes library with a single click.

Stay in control
Listen to radios and recorded tracks on your Mac, and keep Radio Gaga out of the way. Use the program's mini-controller to control playback and volume. It floats above your other windows so the controls are always a click away.

A world of choice
Radio Gaga finds radio stations from around the world, and separates them into genres, helping you find the stations you want to listen to. With 27 genres (rock, dance, folk, metal, pop, classical, jazz, alternative, ambient and much more), and over 10,000 radio stations, you'll never need to listen to silence again. Its directory is automatically updated, so you always have the largest selection of Internet radio stations possible.

Add more radio stations
If you know of a radio station that's not in our automatically-updated library of 10,000+ Internet radio stations, add it yourself. Make sure to submit it to the Radio Gaga team so we can add it to our directory of stations. add new radios

Save songs and fill your iTunes library
Radio Gaga doesn't just record music and save it in anonymous files. Radio Gaga splits the recordings into tracks, and - depending on the program information provided by the radio stations you record - tags the songs and adds them to your Radio Gaga library. Select the songs you want to keep and one click adds them to iTunes so you can put them on your iPod.

Please Note Radio Gaga can be installed and used on up to 3 Macs concurrently. If you want to install it on more Macs, you must first Deauthorize one of the installations you have already made (which can be done from within the application).



Mac OS X 10.5 or later
1.8GHz processor or faster
1GB of RAM
Internet connection


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