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Manage your 2008 U.S. federal and state taxes, from H&R Block.
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About this Deal
TaxCut gives you 5 free federal e-files and multiple returns.

Other features:
  • An in-depth interview to help you receive maximum deductions and tax savings associated with home ownership, education and much more
  • Interactive tax and income planning advice
  • Money-saving tools for business owners and self-employed Schedule C filers
  • Assistance on investment income and stock options
  • Guidance for rental property income and expenses
  • Automatic double-checking of your return for errors
  • Imports data from TaxCut, TurboTax, Quicken, Microsoft Money and DeductionPro
  • DeductionPro software to maximize tax savings from donations (a $19.95 value)
  • 5 federal e-files included free
  • Only from H&R Block: One Ask a Tax Advisor session included (a $19.95 value)
  • Only from H&R Block: WILLPower included for your family's estate-planning needs (a $19.95 value)


Mac OS X 10.4 or later
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