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SaneDesk is a very easy to use OS X Desktop/Workspace switcher. With SaneDesk, your desktop icons and wallpaper become under your complete control!
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About this Deal
Desktop is the only place where you can visually organize files and folders. Using muscle memory to access your files and folders is a brilliant way to work, usually much faster that when you use Finder and regular non-desktop folders. Sadly, with too many icons, folders or projects you're working on at the same time, desktop soon goes out of control. Not to mention moments when you don't want any icons on your desktop - moving them away, even temporarily, completely erases your hard work organiszng them. SaneDesk can hide all icons and show them all later, perfectly preserving their positions.

Wallpaper should reflect what you do. We don't want to use the same backgrounds for our work or play time. With SaneDesk you can assign specific wallpaper for every aspect of your work or play.

Standard desktop always stays the same, no matter what you do: wallpaper and desktop icons do not change. What if you could change them on the fly, depending on what you want to do? Hide desktop icons entirely or show them all? That would be like adding entirely new dimension (of sanity) to your regular workflow. You could have separate workspace for work, another one for the entertainment, you could even have separate workspace for each project you are working on.

SaneDesk workspace is another layer on top of the regular Mac desktop / spaces paradigm. It allows you to assign specific icons to be visible and positioned when workspace is selected. All SaneDesk functions are easily accessible by clicking on SaneDesk menu bar icon.

Instead of juggling numerous icons on your desktop, squeezing them in so they stay in sight but don't get in the way, you should try out SaneDesk.

  • Create any number of virtual workspaces.
  • Each workspace can have its own icons.
  • Each workspace can have its own background.
  • Switch to any of the workspaces to see only the icons that belong there.
  • Use global shortcut support to switch to any of the workspaces or access SaneDesk functions.
  • You can add new workspaces, rename or delete old ones at any moment.
  • Seven days completely functional time trial.
  • Best part? Files and folders never leave desktop. They are not modified in any way, just not visible if they are not needed and perfectly positioned if you want to see them.
SaneDesk does not modify, move or copy your desktop files and folders at all. As soon as you exit SaneDesk, all files and folders will be visible again, no matter to what workspace they were assigned. You can even open file that is assigned to some other workspace, using recent files list from any application. If you use SaneDesk your files and folders remain completely safe.

SaneDesk - The Missing Layer of Sanity for Your Mac Desktop


What does it do?
Take back control of your Desktop.
Who is it for?
We've all had a cluttered Desktop before, with SaneDesk you'll never have to worry about that again!
OS X 10.7 or later

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