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The JixiPix Creative Collection is a time-saving, feature-rich set of five unique products that provides creative professionals and individuals an easy way to bring power and emotion to their images.
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About this Deal
The Creative Collection offers an extensive library of stunning effects that render colorful halftones, 3D-popping geometric shapes, old age, and rainy or snowy scenes to your photos and graphic compositions -- raising your creations high above the rest.

Creative Collection includes:
  • Pop Dot Comics - Create a comic with colored halftones and speech bubbles.
  • Rainy Daze - Give your photo the power and emotion of a rainy day.
  • Snow Daze - Create a snowy day memory with your picture.
  • Kyoobik Photo - Turn a mundane photo into 3D popping geometric shapes.
  • Vintage Scene - Take a photo back in time with age and fade.
Features Include:
    • Loads of Presets to get you started fast
    • Create Custom Presets
    • Quick, efficient, and very user friendly
    • Easy-to-use Sliders
    • Supports Hi-Res Images
    • Undo and Redo
    • Superior Customer Service and Updates - Contact us
    • any time we're committed to your long-term satisfaction!


What does it do?
Collection of five powerful photo tools.
Who is it for?
The casual photographer will love the professional effects you can create with this collection.
OS X 10.6 or later
JixiPix, LLC

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