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This RapidWeaver Stacks Set from Barz Stacks includes 5 incredible Stacks to help you take your RapidWeaver site to the next level. Add seamless HTML5 audio integration, beautiful video effects, and much more. Each of these Stacks will give you the power to truly make your website standout.
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About this Deal
Please note that these stacks require RapidWeaver and the Stacks plugin.

This RapidWeaver Stacks Set includes 5 great Stacks from Barz Stacks that will help you to build beautiful websites in RapidWeaver.

Here's what's included:

YouTube Stack will let you embed a single YouTube video, a Playlist or all user's video uploads. If you have agreed to the YouTube HTML5 opt-in the embedded video will decide if you are capable of using HTML5 to play that video instead of Flash.
  • Video type: Video, Playlist, User uploads
  • Video / Playlist ID: The ID of the YouTube video or Playlist
  • Width / Height
  • Autoplay: Automtically start playback
  • Autohide: Automatically hide the control bar after a few seconds
  • Progress color: Set the progress bar's color to red or white
  • Controls: Show or hide control bar
  • Loop: Restart after playback
  • Show related vids: Shows related videos after playback
  • Theme: Dark or Light
HTML5 Audio is a RapidWeaver stack that will make it easy for you to bring some background music into your website. All you have to do is drop the Stack and an MP3 and OGG audio file and the audio will play on all modern browsers.

HTML5 Video Stack allows you to embed videos of many formats into your RapidWeaver site as HTML5 content.

Image Cycler is a RapidWeaver stack that enables a responsive image slideshow with a lot of different image transition effects.

Mosaic Stack creates an event-triggered box out of two stacks -- simply hover your mouse over the initial content, and the second stack slides seamlessly into view!

  • Animation: Fade or slide
  • From: Direction for the slide effect
  • slide-out: Activate slide-out effect, deactivate to have a slide-in effect
  • Overlay size: Pixel size of the overlay which slides over the the initial content
  • Speed: Duration of the slide or fade animation in ms
  • Opacity: Opacity of the overlay
  • Box width/height: Setup dimensions
  • Background Color: sets the colors of both boxes


What does it do?
Collection of 5 incredible RapidWeaver Stacks from Barz Stacks.
Who is it for?
Whether you're a seasoned RapidWeaver developer or a first-time user, these 5 stacks will help you take your website to the next level.
Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later RapidWeaver 4.2.1 or later Stacks 2.0 or later
Maik Barz Stacks

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