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Welcome to SuperTab, quite literally the easi-est, flexibl-est, powerful-est way to access your files, folders, apps, projects, pix, sites, sounds and all the other things you use your Mac for. SupterTab takes command + tab to the next level, give it a try today and then pick it up for 50% off!
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About this Deal
SuperTab extends the Mac’s built-in Command-Tab Application Switcher. Before SuperTab, the App Switcher only gave Mac users access to their currently active apps. With SuperTab installed, users now have access to a whole lot more when pressing Command-Tab, such as:
  • Active Apps
  • Recent Apps
  • Recent Documents
  • Dock Items
  • Dropbox Items
  • Labeled or Tagged Items
  • Finder Sidebar Items
  • Folder Contents
  • Application Windows
  • Web Sites
  • Any Files, Folders or Applications By giving Mac users such instant "Command-Tab" access to so much, SuperTab suddenly becomes one of the easiest and quickest launchers in the market. SuperTab also gives users powerful control over their active applications by allowing them to configure any application to automatically:
  • Open itself to ensure it is running when users need it: during work hours, week days, week day evenings, weekend days or all the time.
  • Hide itself after it has been in the background for a user-selected time period.
  • Quit itself after it has been idle for a user-selected time period.
  • Prevent System Sleep or Screen Saver activation when it is the foreground application.
With such automatic application management, SuperTab raises the bar for launcher utilities by proactively ensuring that users will never again miss important meetings or be unreachable by keeping their calendar, email and chat applications running when they need them. It also provides a cleaner, more stream-lined work environment and frees up precious resources by eliminating unnecessary CPU and memory usage. And lastly, by allowing users to prevent System Sleep in key applications, SuperTab guarantees that users will never be embarrassed again by having their Mac go to sleep in the middle of an important presentation or online meeting. Mac users can also use SuperTab to assign custom Hot Keys to any file, folder, application or Web site -- literally putting their important work "at their fingertips."


What does it do?
Adds incredible functionality to your Mac's tab key.
Who is it for?
Anyone who owns a Mac and wants a better way to access their Files, Folders, Apps, Web Sites, Dock Items and more!
OS X 10.8 or later
SpriTec Software

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