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With Sketcher you can take any photo and turn it into beautiful hand-made like art in a single click. Replicate the look of a pencil sketch, water color, or oil painting and give your photos the character and charm they deserve!
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About this Deal
Sketcher is for you if, like most of us, you like hand-made drawings, colorful oil paintings and accurate pencils strokes of the sketches, but can't draw well enough. This little app solves the problem!

Sketcher can easily turn any digital photo into the pencil sketch, watercolor or oil drawing, it's light, simple, cross-platform, feature rich and it's free to try! And more than this: the license is valid for both Mac and Windows platforms!


What does it do?
Turns photos into beautiful sketches and other hand-made art with a single click.
Who is it for?
Perfect for anyone that enjoys editing their photos.

Mac OS X 10.6 or later
64-bit processor


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