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NetShade helps you protect your online privacy by keeping your internet traffic and IP address private. With a robust network of anonymous proxy servers located in the US and Europe, NewShade ensures that your security and privacy will always be safe and secure no matter what you do on the Web. For added security, the latest version of NetShade includes a year of VPN service for encrypting all of your traffic and keeping it safe from prying eyes. Protect your data and your privacy like never before with NetShade.
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About this Deal
NetShade is an Internet security tool that conceals your IP address on the web. NetShade routes your Web connection through either a public anonymous proxy server, or one of NetShade's own dedicated anonymous proxies (only for registered users.) This effectively masks your IP address as you browse the web. Anonymous proxies are becoming more and more popular in this age of heightened security and privacy concerns, and NetShade provides an effective and straightforward interface to easily protect your privacy. NetShade currently runs nine high-quality, super-fast, dedicated proxy servers located in the US and Europe.

Now NetShade provides VPN service. The VPN is an additional subscription above the standard HTTP/HTTPS proxy mode. VPN is ideal when security is a concern and you want to encrypt all your Internet traffic.


What does it do?
Protect your identity on the Web via anonymous proxies and virtual private networks.
Who is it for?
If you crave security and privacy when browsing the Web, NetShade is for you.

OS X 10.6.8 or later

Rayner Software

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