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App Tamer tames your processor-monopolizing apps and keeps them from chewing up excessive CPU time and battery life. Powered by a unique AutoStop feature, App Tamer stops each application when you switch away from it -- when you return to that app, it restarts automatically!

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About this Deal

Got Unruly Applications?

Some applications, particularly web browsers and older apps, continue running tasks or animating ads even when they're idle. That uses valuable processing (CPU) power, which leaves you with:

  • Less CPU power for the application you're using
  • Increased heat and fan noise
  • Reduced battery run-time

Tame Them with App Tamer

Find the culprits and get them under control. With App Tamer, you simply do this:

  1. Launch App Tamer and click on its icon in your menubar
  2. Click on an application that's using a lot of CPU
  3. Tell App Tamer to slow or stop the app
App Tamer will automatically slow down or pause your applications whenever you're not using them, greatly reducing their CPU use.

App Tamer even comes pre-configured to automatically reduce the CPU and battery usage of Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, Spotlight, Time Machine, Photoshop, Illustrator, Word and many other applications.

App Tamer Does All The Work

Unlike some utilities that let you manually stop processes, App Tamer automatically handles the details for you. It slows or pauses an application when you switch away from it, then automatically restarts it when you start using it again. Just set it and forget it - App Tamer quietly saves battery and CPU power while you work (or play).

But You're in Control

You choose which apps to manage. Automatically stop them when you're not using them, or just slow them down so they don't use more than a certain amount of CPU.

App Tamer's preferences let you tune its behavior to your needs, whether you're frugally conserving battery power or feeding every last CPU cycle to Starcraft.

Road Warriors Take Note!

Recovering even a small percentage of your CPU time can translate into significant battery savings. Stopping an application that's consuming 5% of your CPU can translate into 20 or 30 minutes of additional battery runtime.

What About App Nap in Mavericks?

Apple knows a good thing when they see it. Mac OS 10.9 Mavericks includes App Nap, a feature that 's similar to App Tamer. But to activate it you have to hide or completely cover an application's windows, making it not-so-automatic. And App Nap doesn't work at all with behind-the-scenes applications like Spotlight and Time Machine.

App Tamer gives you control. Let's say Spotlight is overheating your Mac and making the fans rev up like a fighter jet. Just select it and tell App Tamer to keep its CPU usage below 25% - done!


What does it do?
Keep processor-intensive apps in check and gain back your systems resources!
Who is it for?
All Mac users, even those running Mavericks, can benefit from App Tamer.
OS X 10.7 or later
St. Clair Software

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