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Nisus Writer Pro is a fast, powerful word processor with extensive customization options. With interface modification options, multilingual support, and universal document compatibility (RTF), Nisus Writer Pro offers a smart, flexible alternative to Microsoft Word.
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Nisus Writer Pro is a powerful multilingual word processor, similar to its entry level products, but brings new features such as table of contents, indexing, bookmarks, widow and orphan control, cross references, line numbering, and text wrap around images.

Familiar Classic features are also on board, like attribute-sensitive find and replace, an upgraded Nisus macro language, and glossaries.

We have also improved a number of existing features. For example, we've added a variety of additional options to control the display of notes. Footnotes can now also span across pages.


What does it do?
Fast, powerful word processor with extensive customization options.
Who is it for?
Anyone in search of a robust alternative to Microsoft Word.
OS X 10.6.6 or later
Nisus Software, Inc.

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