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PDF Viewer Pro allows you to read PDFs like a book, insert notes, underline and highlight text, add graphic elements calling attention to text or images. Most importantly, PDF Viewer allows you to export all of your notes and additions into a separate file (TXT, RTF, RTFD). It's the perfect app for all of your PDF viewing needs!
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About this Deal
PDF Viewer Pro is an extremely versatile application that allows you to:
  • Fully customise how you view and read PDFs (including a double page book reader mode)
  • Underline or highlight passages
  • Add graphic elements (arrows, call outs, circles, etc.)
  • Take notes
  • Grab selections
  • And export all of your notes to a separate file.
  • Double View Mode - book reader style with swiping pages or standard scrolling page
  • Easy Underlining/Highlighting - in any color
  • Take Notes - jot notes down right on the PDF page
  • Draw - add arrows, call outs, shapes
  • Grab - grab selections (text or graphics)
  • Add links - both internal (page) and external (url)
  • Full Search - original pdf and all added notes
  • Easy Zoom - pinch-to-zoom feature
  • Fully customizable page color - for less tiring reading
  • Thumbnail Mode
  • Pop-up Table of Contents
  • Automatic Save
  • Speak Text Function - for the visually impaired
  • Zero Battery Consumption - App Nap technology


What does it do?
Read and annotate your PDF documents.
Who is it for?
If you frequently read and manipulate PDF documents, this is the tool for you.
OS X 10.7 or later
Bridge Comm.

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