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iTaskX integrates with Microsoft Project, giving you a powerful and flexible project management suite for your Mac. Manage large projects using intricate schedules. Complete your work on time and under budget with iTaskX.
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About this Deal
iTaskX is a full-featured, MS Project-compatible project-management tool for OS X.

iTaskX helps you carry out large business projects, media activities, or detailed time schedules. It adapts to your work processes and ensures an overview on your targets, dates, costs, and the current status of your projects. Features:
  • Opens native MS Project files
  • Numerous customize able views for tasks and resources
  • Page layout view for printer preview with additional printing options such as "Fit to Page"or "Range from"
  • Customized calendars for tasks and resources including import of iCal calendars
  • Editor for individual bars or bar styles
  • Definable text styles for all project tasks
  • Multiple task splits
  • Supports linking of summary tasks
  • Import of resources from Address Book, directory server, and public folders of a Microsoft Exchange server
  • Effort-driven scheduling
  • Working with a baseline to compare the updated schedule and actual progress against the original plan
  • For each task in the project, a specific attachment can be assigned
  • iTaskX supports working with templates
  • New import and export formats like MS Project XML, MPX, OPML, CVS, TXT, etc.
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What does it do?
Powerful project management app with Microsoft Project compatibility.
Who is it for?
Project managers, business analysts, and project contributors from any industry.

OS X 10.6.8 or later
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