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With Photosounder you can hear your images and see your sounds. Photosounder is ideal for editing, isolating, and applying audio effects. Thanks to a simple graphical interface, if you can edit a picture, you can edit an audio track with Photosounder!
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About this Deal
Photosounder is a spectrogram editor and synthesizer. It turns sounds into images and images into sounds, thus allowing for powerful sound processing to be done in an image editor.

Photosounder allows you to open sounds and images, process them graphically and hear the results. This can be used for such tasks as instrument/vocals removal/isolation, applying various original or classical sound effects, sound design, denoising, operations between sounds such as removing a sound from another.

  • Lossless processing of sounds based on images, so that real sounds can be transformed by transforming their image.
  • Noise-based synthesis for synthesising original sounds from nothing or resynthesising wildly transformed sounds in a way that results in a continuous and smooth spectrum.
  • Pro-tip: Turn on the Live Synthesis in the Options menu for instantaneous results!
  • Exclusive spectrogram analysis algorithm that natively operates on a logarithmic scale and can vary time/frequency resolution depending on frequency for a better clarity and a better resynthesis.
  • Real-time live synthesis, allowing real-time time-stretching or to hear changes as they are made to the images.
  • Dedicated graphical editing tools best suited for editing or creating sounds, such as various sprays to enhance, suppress, erase or create features, including a harmonics modifier to apply all modifications to a frequency and its harmonics at once.
  • Layer system similar to Photoshop's, with layer groups and various layer blending modes, including exclusive layer convolution modes.
  • Extensive graphical/mathematical operations specially adapted to spectrogram editing which allow you to apply all kinds of effects, from the most common (such as EQ, compression, denoising...) to the weirdest (envelope reversion, spectral gating, pitch inversion, spectral quantization...).
  • Processing in third-party image processing programs by exporting images to BMP files and importing of the externally modified images.
  • Rhythm and note overlays to help with music composition.


What does it do?
Turn sound into images and images into sound.
Who is it for?
Musicians, performance artists, and sound designers will appreciate the creative power of Photosounder.
OS X 10.4 or later

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