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With Simon , you can monitor websites for updates, changes, and crashes. Run site tests using a wide variety of services, from DNS, to FTP, to IMAP, to Twitter. When sites change, Simon makes sure you’re the first to know.
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About this Deal
Simon monitors websites and alerts you of crashes and changes.

Select pages to monitor, choose your alert options, and customize your settings. Simon does the rest.

Keep a watchful eye on your favorite sites
  • Monitor any site. Want to receive an alert when a favorite blog has been updated? Or monitor activity on your personal page? If it's on the Web, Simon can watch it for you.
  • Enjoy flexible alert options. Find out about page changes via alarms, emails, or speech. Whether you're at work or at home, Simon has an alert option to match your level of urgency.
  • Get support for multiple services. DNS, FTP, IMAP, MySQL, Twitter, SMTP. Simon has built-in support for almost any service you can imagine.


What does it do?
Monitor changes and crashes in websites.
Who is it for?
Anyone in need of a fast, efficient way to find out when webpages have changed.
OS X 10.6 or later
Dejal Systems, LLC

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