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HotSpot Shield VPN offers impenetrable security for your payments, your email conversations, your passwords, and all your personal information on the Web. Harness the power of virtual private networks (VPN), and protect your privacy like never before.
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About this Deal
Hotspot Shield Elite provides ad-free VPN proxy service for up to 5 Macs, PCs, or iOS devices for one year.

Hotspot Shield Elite VPN is an advanced internet privacy and web security solution. It adds a layer of "must have" protection by establishing a secure tunnel for your computer’s connection to the Internet. All the data sent and received through this tunnel is encrypted, thereby keeping your sensitive data protected from hackers and snoopers.

Hotspot Shield exchanges your real IP address with one of our servers’ so your internet activity is fully private and hidden from hackers or ISPs. Additionally, Hotspot Shield Elite's VPN service provides unrestricted access to your favorite content from anywhere in the world. This is especially useful for Expats and Travelers living abroad in countries that censor content.

Elite users also get complete malware protection from over 3.5 million known and suspected websites including Malware, Illegal or Phishing, Infected and Spam sites and Content Farms. Hotspot Shield VPN is the most trusted consumer VPN with more than 120 million downloads. By choosing Hotspot Shield Elite VPN, you get multiple virtual locations to choose from (US, UK, Australia), dedicated 24/7 support, and complete malware protection.


What does it do?
Block third parties from accessing your emails, your passwords, and your credit card information by accessing the Web through a virtual private network (VPN).
Who is it for?
Anyone with a need for impenetrable Web security.

OS X 10.6 or later


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