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JollysFastVNC is a super-fast, super-secure VNC client for Mac. With full support for Apple Remote Desktop and Windows login you’ll seamlessly connect any Mac or PC and maximize your productivity no matter where you go. For a fast, simple, and secure connection you need JollysFastVNC.
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About this Deal
JollysFastVNC is a leading virtual network computing (VNC) app for Mac.

No matter where you are, JollysFastVNC gives you a solid and secure remote connection to your Mac. Finally, you'll have the freedom to roam.

Your Mac, accessible from anywhere
  • More ways to connect. JollysFastVNC is more than a VNC client. It also supports Apple Remote Desktop.
  • More security. When using VNC, security is essential. JollysFastVNC features built-in support for SSH tunneling, SSL, and SOCKS.
  • More flexibility. Need to login from a Windows machine, create multiple connections, or support a multi-monitor setup? JollysFastVNC does it all.
  • Fast.
  • Secure - SSH tunneling, SSL, SOCKS support inbuilt.
  • Mac login, keyboard, pasteboard, remote screen lock and monitor selection support.
  • Windows login and domain login support.
  • Multiple connections, fullscreen, multi-monitor support.
  • SmartZoom for viewing large remote desktops.
  • International keyboard support
  • Reverse connections including automated Nat-PMP / UPnP port opening on routers.
  • WakeOnLan support.
  • Global/Specific hierarchical preferences.
  • Bonjour including auto connection to Bonjour hosts.
  • Remote cursor support - including smartzoom movement.
  • Automatic pasteboard synchronisation.
  • vnc:// and jfvnc:// url schemes for opening vnc connections from other programs.
  • VNC encodings ZRLE, Tight, zlib, rre, hextile, raw, copyrect, resolution change, pixel format change, lastrect and some more.


What does it do?
Connect to your Macs and PCs remotely.
Who is it for?
Whether you’re going to the office or around the world; you can rely on JollysFastVNC to connect you to your remote Macs and PCs.
OS X 10.7 or later

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