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Together is for your files what iTunes is for your music. Simply drop files in Together’s window to add them, then add labels, tags, and even create smart groups to keep everything organized. Keep your files right where you need them with Together!
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Together helps you organize your Mac, giving you the ability to store, edit and preview your files in a single clean, uncluttered interface.

Smart storage. With simple drag-and-drop functionality, Together lets you gather up images, text, bookmarks, and files for safekeeping. With built-in note-taking capabilities and easy inter-app file transfers, take control of cluttered, disorganized groups of files and restore them to a state of order and manageability.

Previewing and editing. Together can edit and preview a wide range of filetypes, and seamlessly incorporates QuickView for everything else. File editing is always a double-click away, and your changes are automatically synchronized.

Organization, optimized. If you are tired of dealing with scatterbrained systems of files and folders, Together's refreshing, iTunes-like interface will help you breathe easy. Organize items into groups and folders, add color-coded tags and labels, and even generate Smart Groups to bring new levels of order and control to your files.

Dynamic searching. With Together, searching your files is never limited to a single term: an integrated Find Bar offers fine-tuned searching, and intra-file search capabilities let you dig even deeper for the information you need.


What does it do?
Store all your files in one clean searchable interface.
Who is it for?
If you need a better system for all the images, files, and text snippets you work with, you’ll love the clean interface and Mac-native feel of Together.
OS X 10.8 or later
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