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SproutConverter automatically converts and restores your videos by removing unwanted artifacts. Older videos, especially analog videos, are easily damaged over time resulting in noise, distortion, and static that carries over even when they are digitized. SproutConverter corrects and restores your damaged videos while converting them to files that will work with all your modern devices.
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About this Deal
SproutConverter helps you preserve and polish your digital video collection. Your favorite moments, without interference

Don't let unwanted alterations ruin your memorable moments -- SproutConverter keeps your priceless home videos and favorite films clean and watchable!

Eliminate frustrating playback issues:
  • Blank spaces
  • Static
  • Noise
  • Feedback
  • Errors
  • Distortion
Convenient conversion options

Convert your videos into a wide variety of formats:
  • .mov
  • .avi
  • .mp4
  • … and more!
For a flawless playback every time, protect your videos with SproutConverter!


What does it do?
Convert old home movies and remove static, distortion, noise, and other artifacts.
Who is it for?
If your old videos have been damaged by age and neglect, protect and restore them by converting them to digital files with SproutConverter.
Mac OS X 10.6 or later
GearSprout LLC

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