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With Superstring pro you can take your favorite songs and create absolutely beautiful lyrical videos in just minutes. After you create your video, export it for upload to YouTube and share it with the world.

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About this Deal
Superstring Pro lets you create stunning lyric videos in minutes. It's never been easier to create a great lyric video. Get started quickly in a few simple steps:
  • Select a song that you want to create a lyric video
  • Automatically find lyrics from ID3 tags
  • Align the timing of lyrics by dragging
  • Customize styles, colors, and more
  • Enjoy and share your own lyric video
  • Innovative interface that lets you launch and start editing in seconds
  • Just drag the lyric to change the timing
  • Easily add your own watermark from text or images Share
  • Export your lyric video as an FLV file that you can upload to YouTube
  • Export your Superstring data that you can later import into Superstring or share with other users
Limitations of the free version:
  • You cannot use effects
  • You cannot edit or remove the watermark
  • You cannot import Superstring data
  • You can export your lyric video in SD(standard-definition) size only
Advantages of Superstring Pro:
  • You can use effects
  • You can edit or remove the watermark
  • You can import Superstring data
  • You can export your lyric video to HD 720p, HD 1080p, and custom size


What does it do?
Turn your favorite songs into stunning lyrical videos in an instant.
Who is it for?
Perfect for any music lover!
OS X 10.6 or later
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