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DesktopShelves is the organization app that gives you quick, organized, and ascetically pleasing access to your most frequently used files and folders.
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DesktopShelves can help clean up a desktop cluttered by dozens of different files.

You can display any folder as a shelf on your Desktop. On a shelf the size of 5 normal Desktop items you can fit 20 files, because items on a shelf are slightly rotated like books on a real-world shelf. That saves a lot of screen real estate.

If you mouse-over your shelves, you can see a larger preview of the file. A double-click opens it.

You can use DesktopShelves in many different ways: to organize files by project, quickly access frequently used files, or to collect text snippets and templates. Other features include:

  • Finder integration: open folders as shelves from the Finder context menu
  • Shelf contents update automatically when the underlying folder changes (e.g. you add or remove a file in Finder)
  • Shelf width can be adjusted and shelves can be placed anywhere on the Desktop
  • Drag & drop support: drag files from the Finder on the shelves, drop files from a shelf directly into other applications like or TextEdit (dragging with right mouse button inserts the file contents)


What does it do?
Organize your cluttered desktop.
Who is it for?
If you like to keep your files clutter free, DesktopShelves is perfect for you.
OS X 10.6 or later
Kitestack Software

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