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MacUpdate Desktop allows you to track, install, and update all of the apps on your Mac. Unlike Apple's App Store, which only supports App Store purchases, MacUpdate Desktop supports virtually every title ever released on the Mac, including thousands not available in Apple's App Store.
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About this Deal
This offer is for a 12 month subscription to our MacUpdate Desktop membership. If you are already a MacUpdate Desktop member, your account will be automatically extended for 1 year.

MacUpdate Desktop is the best way to automatically keep all the software on your Mac up-to-date. The Mac App Store only updates apps that you bought from that storefront which is likely a fraction of your apps. MacUpdate Desktop updates everything on your Mac with a single click, keeping your Mac running more smooth and problem free.

MacUpdate Desktop also connects to your web browser allowing you to automatically Install apps directly from the website. This means you no longer have to download files from the web browser. Desktop will clean up the installation afterward and keep the apps up-to-date in the future - far better than what a browser can offer!

When you purchase a MacUpdate Desktop Membership, you'll not only have full access to the simplest way to keep your Mac up-to-date, but will enjoy many other member only features as well. A fully-functional 10 day trial is available to all users. You may use MacUpdate Desktop on up to five (5) Macs with just one membership.

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What does it do?
Keep all of your apps up to date and install new apps from MacUpdate with MacUpdate Desktop, the perfect compliment to the recent OS X 10.9 Mavericks update.
Who is it for?
If you're a Mac user, MacUpdate Desktop belongs in your Applications folder.
Mac OS X 10.6 or later

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