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Organise Pro is the small business owner's dream. Easily manage inventory, orders, customer information, and suppliers all from a single, easy to use database! Quickly add customers, invoice orders or simply create a to-do list. Stop using multiple apps to manage your business when you can do it all with Organise Pro!
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About this Deal
Organise is a database app for small businesses.

If you have a Mac and a small business, then this small-but-powerful database application will keep track of your orders, stock, customer details, and 'to do' list, and has some basic invoice and accounting functionality. My ethos is to keep things as uncomplicated and quick to use as possible, leaving you free to run your business with all information at your fingertips.

Organise is small, self-contained, and standalone. It doesn't require you to buy, licence, or install any other database application.

  • Keep track of your orders, stock, customers, 'to do' list
  • Basic invoice and accounting
  • Ideal for mail-order, retail and time-and-materials businesses
  • Simple and uncomplicated, self-contained and standalone
  • Has a database style input or an EPOS / Checkout style interface
  • Useful reports included, eg Invoices sent but not paid, Stocktake, Top sellers, New vs Returning customers
  • Free app included to help you create custom reports
  • Retina Screen compatible
  • OSX 10.9 Mavericks tested and supported
  • New - Easy import of csv from Squarespace or Paypal csv files


What does it do?
A simple, yet powerful database for small businesses.
Who is it for?
Small business owners will love the comprehensive set of tools that Organise Pro provides.
OS X 10.5 or later

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