RipIt gets your movies off the DVD and onto your Mac, where it's easier to find, organize and play them. Even transcode your movies so they'll be compatible with your iOS device, PS3, Xbox 360, PSP, Android device, and many others. With a success rate over 99%, RipIt is the perfect way to backup your DVDs to your Mac!
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About this Deal
RipIt gets your movies off the disc and onto your Mac, where it's easier to find, organize and play them.

Why Rip Your DVDs?
  • Use your laptop longer!
    Laptops use a lot more juice when they're spinning a DVD and a hard drive.
  • Easily organize your movies!
    Moving files around on your computer is a lot easier than alphabetizing shelves full of DVDs.
  • Find movies faster!
    Use your Mac's built in search tool, Spotlight, to find a movie in your collection... instantly.
  • Peace of mind!
    Movies stored safely in your computer can't get lost, scratched or broken.
  • Simplify entertainment on the go!
    Why carry around bulky DVD cases or disc wallets when you don't have to?


What does it do?
Rip the DVD files from your DVDs to your Mac's hard drive, or rip and compress the files to a format compatible with iOS devices, PS3, Xbox 360, PSP, Android and more.
Who is it for?
Travelers, Commuters, Teachers, Students, and DVD Collectors will all enjoy the simplicity of RipIt.
Mac OS X 10.6 or later 64-bit processor
The Little App Factory

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