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With MPEG2 Works you can convert your video and audio files from almost every available format; and, it uses the QuickTIme engine to ensure maximum capability with Apple applications and iOS devices. As a full featured video toolbox you have access to powerful features like DVD authoring, NTSC to Pal conversion, DVD burning, and much more. MPEG2 Works is the ultimate all-in-one encoder, converter and media player for your Mac, so get it today for 50% off!
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About this Deal
MPEG2 Works is a movie converter, MPEG encoder, and media player. Convert you video and audio files, DVD and Blu-Ray discs to iDevice- or web-compatible movies. Encode to MPEG1/MPEG2, make DVD with menus, burn DVD media and much more.

  • SD MPEG Encoding: Make a DVD or convert a Blu-Ray disk to a DVD with a single click! Encode your input files to standard definition (SD - DVD compatible), SVCD MPEG2 format or VCD MPEG1 format with ease.
  • HD MPEG2 Encoding: Encode your HD movies to high quality HD MPEG2 format. Later, use DVD Studio pro for HD DVD authoring or some other software for Blu-Ray authoring and burning.
  • Movie Conversion: Convert from almost every available movie formats to Quick Time compatible movies. Presets includes all iDevices, web video, H.264, MP4, XviD and Custom format choosing.
  • Batch (multiple) files processing: Use Queue option under any section for a multiple files processing. Load file, set desired options, add to queue and thats it. Repeat for every desired file and just click start.
  • Media player: Built-in custom build of MPlayer to play your media - movie files and un-protected DVD and Blu-Ray discs - in full resolution with on-screen menu, subtitles support, live video filters, custom selection of audio and video tracks and more... Play virtually every media format existing in a window or at full screen mode.
  • Custom Quick Time format exporting: Convert your media to standard and pro Quick Time formats like Apple ProRes, Apple Intermediate Codec /AIC/, Uncompressed 4:2:2, Avid, Blackmagic design and AJA formats.
  • DVD Converter module: Convert your DVD's from Pal <-> NTSC .
  • Audio extraction: Extract audio tracks from file, DVD or Blu-Ray disks for later editing, or re-convert to AAC stereo or surround 5:1 format.
  • Tools section: Essential audio and video tools like audio conversion option for converting your audio tracks to MP2, MP3, MP4, AAC and WAV format, adding video or audio tracks to your movies, transcoding JVC .TOD HDV camera recordings without reconversion for later importing in latest iMovie, Final Cut Pro or X or playback with Quick Time 7 and lot more…
  • DVD Authoring: MPEG2 multiplexing, DVD Authoring of encoded MPEG2 files with DVD menu themes, making burnable DVD image and burning on blank DVD media.
  • DVD chapters or titles extraction: Chapters or full title extraction from DVD in original MPEG2 format.
  • Full subtitles support: Load or use internal file's subtitle during re-conversion. All major subtitle formats and languages are supported.


What does it do?
Ultimate all-in-one MPEG1/MPEG2 SD/HD encoder, movie converter and media player.
Who is it for?
This is the ultimate tool for beginners just learning and for professionals who need one tool that does it all!
OS X 10.5 or later
Tosha Serbian

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