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As easy as a drag and drop, DIAPOSheet allows you to quickly layout your photos with their metadata and creates a professional Contact Sheet PDF in seconds. DIAPOSheet allows you to add your own custom logo and company description, add a watermark and can automatically align all elements on your sheet with the Snap function.
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About this Deal
DIAPOSheet lets you quickly layout your photographs with EXIF metadata and get a professional contact sheet in PDF format. Drag image files or a folder containing image files onto the main window and you are done. You can easily change the number of rows and columns, their gaps, the margins, the page size and format, add your custom logo and company description, add your watermark, turn on and display the EXIF metadata info below each image using your favorite font, color, and label. Then export to PDF, TIFF, PNG, or JPG at the resolution chosen. Even when exporting to PDF, you can choose the resolution (ppi) of the images. Save your layout to a file and reuse it later on.


You can drag your Watermark (tif, png, pdf, jpg, gif) on the watermark image view and overlay your watermark over all the pictures on the page. You can further set its opacity, scale, anchor point (on the image here aside we set the center - you can click on one of the 9 points to set the anchor), horizontal and vertical offset.

Custom Text and Images

You can easily drag an image file or a RTF or RTFD file from the Finder onto your page and automatically import that. You can also add custom and empty image and text boxes by clicking on the relative icons on the toolbar. Then you can still edit the text, resize and align the box to the other items on the page. You can quickly replace the image within an image-box by dragging a different image file from the Finder onto the image-box. To automatically align the boxes you can turn on the Snap check-box on the Inspector:Guide panel.

Text Tokens

You can add some Token to your custom text boxes. Then you can select the token objects (the blue rounded boxes here aside) as they where just text and assign them the font and the color.


Choose the menu File:Export to export your work to a PDF, TIF, PGN or JPG document.
  • Multipage/Single Page - In case of a PDF document, you can export to a single multipage file or a series of single-page files.
  • Quality - Set the Quality to less than 100% and get a compressed and smaller version of your document.
  • Ppi - To get a contact sheet with the utmost quality, choose a high Ppi value, e.g. 300.


What does it do?
Quickly layout your photo & metadata-exif on a PDF Contact Sheet
Who is it for?
DIAPOSheet is perfect for amateur and professional photographers.
OS X 10.7 or later

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