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Boxshot Ultimate is the ultimate tool for artists looking to expand their 3D repertoire. With over 50 highly customizable objects the need for tedious wireframing and modeling is a thing of the past. Simply select your object, texture, and other details and Boxshot does the rest. Create ultra-realistic objects in just seconds with Boxshot!
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Boxshot Ultimate features a large selection of customizable shapes: software boxes, books, CD, DVD, and Blu-ray boxes, cards, cans, mugs, bags, and much more. Almost all the shapes are customizable so you can adjust them for your design.

If you need more shapes, simply load them! Boxshot supports loading of FBX, 3DS, and Collada (DAE) files to use in scenes.

Boxshot can resize shapes according to your graphics. You don't need to adjust your images for our shapes, Boxshot adjusts the shapes for you!

Boxshot Ultimate is ideal for designers who need realistic ways to present 2D artwork to customers. Don't just present your next project to the client as a flat image, show your work on eye-catching 3D renderings on real world objects. 3D mockups always make a better impression and Boxshot will pay for itself with just one or two jobs.

Boxshot comes in three different editions: Home, Professional, and Ultimate. See here for differences.

Boxshot Ultimate Features:
  • All the "pro" features
  • Most advanced shapes
  • External shapes support
  • Rendering animations
  • Rendering jobs
  • Queued rendering


What does it do?
Quickly create 3D mockups with dozens of customizable shapes and real-world items.
Who is it for?
If you need realistic 3D-looking objects but don't have the time or money to learn an expensive 3D modeling tool from the ground up, you need Boxshot.

OS X 10.6 or later
Discrete graphics card recommended


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