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IPNetMonitorX features more than 20 powerful tools for monitoring, diagnosing and optimizing your network. Whether you are professional looking for a more robust networking toolkit, or a home user looking to build on the capabilities of OS X Network Utility, IPNetMonitor maximizes your productivity and liberates you from cumbersome connectivity issues. Buy it today and take control of your network!
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About this Deal
IPNetMonitorX is a powerful Internet/network troubleshooting toolkit for debugging Internet service problems and optimizing performance. Featuring 23 integrated tools, IPNetMonitorX is designed to help you quickly locate where the problem is and gather data which can be used to solve the problem either directly or through your Internet Service Provider. IPNetMonitorX combines an intuitive Mac user interface with deep Mac OS X knowledge to provide essential problem solving details from a single convenient application. If you've ever struggled with why some Internet feature isn't working, or just want to explore and understand better, IPNetMonitorX is here to help. The built-in description for each tool clarifies underlying network concepts as it guides you to answer real world questions about how your Internet is working.

Key Benefits:

  • A complete Internet Toolkit. Consistent, integrated design affords speed and efficiency.
  • A floating tool palette allows you to see and access the tools you need quickly. The layout of each tool is optimized for the task at hand.
  • Comprehensive displays show TCP/IP in action, perfect for tuning network performance.
  • Fast, asynchronous, multithreaded design allows you to see network behavior as it happens.
  • Open and use multiple tools or instances of the same tool simultaneously from a single application.
  • Input fields support recent targets or history, auto-completion, and drag-and-drop. Automatically transfers data from one tool to another.
  • No need to login as root.
  • Address Scan
  • AirPort Signal
  • Connection List DHCP Lease
  • DHCP Test
  • DNS Lookup
  • DNS Query
  • Finger
  • Interface Info
  • Link Rate
  • Monitor
  • Ping
  • Port Scan
  • Server Scan
  • Service Info
  • SNMPd Config
  • SNMP Tool
  • Subnet Calculator
  • TCP Info
  • TCP Dump
  • Trace Route
  • Who is


What does it do?
With its dynamic features, IPNetMonitorX is the ideal network diagnostic tool for professionals and home users alike.
Who is it for?
The ideal network diagnostic tool for professionals and home users alike.
OS X 10.6 or later
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