Fumy is an unusual bitmap editor with unique tools that allow you to brush and render stunning graphics that resemble smoke. Create abstract background, lighting texts, art-house drawings or whatever - this brilliant tool will help You to convert an idea into the painting.
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About this Deal
Fumy (was Smoke) is a kind of graphics editor, yet unusual as you won’t find regular tools here. Fumy offers an absolutely unique type of brush that renders stunning graphics with the simplest mouse movements. Abstract backgrounds, lighting texts, art-house drawings or anything you can imagine this brilliant tool helps to convert an idea into the painting. Actually, it’s always better to see once rather than hear twice, check out the screenshots, download our free demo and taste the app yourself.

Pure creative: no art skills required to use the app, it’s just your imagination drawn on the canvas with light and smoke, controlled by several easy tools. Nothing stands between you and your imagination.


What does it do?
A unique bitmap editor that allows you to create stunning smoke-like graphics.
Who is it for?
Artists of all skill levels will love creating abstract drawings with Fumy.
Mac OS X 10.6 or later Graphics accelerator card is recommended

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