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With these 6 amazing photo applications, you'll have all the tools you need to take your photos to the next level. Edit your photos with cf/x photo and then turn them into masterpieces using professional collage and mosaic applications cf/x collagePRO, contour collage, mosaic, and photo mosaic. With cf/x cookie cutter, slice your photos into over 60 incredible shapes and then share them with the world on Flickr. Get everything you need to turn your photos into beautiful works of art in this cf/x MIni-Bundle!

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About this Deal
Learn more about the 6 great apps included in this mini-bundle:

cf/x photo mosaic ($29.99) is a highly specialized app to create high quality image-from-images type mosaics.In addition to being blindingly fast, photo mosaic comes with special presets that help you create great photo mosaics even out of borderline images.

cf/x mosaic ($19.99) is a specialized application that helps you creating high-quality mosaics and makes it fun. Pop in a picture, select a preset, change crop, hit GO.

cf/x collagePRO ($29.99) creates beautiful collages in seconds. Intuitive and easy to use, collagePro will automatically layout and re-layout your collage whenever you add or remove images. Automatic or fully customizable, your photos will love collagePRO. Conveniently control any item's shape, size and more with integrated zoom, pan and crop controls. collagePro is lighting fast, easy to use and most importantly a fun way to create great collages on your Mac.

cf/x contour collage ($19.99) allows you to create great looking, custom-shaped collages in minutes. Arrange your photos into a collage using one of the many built-in shapes, the text generator, or supply your own image. With the easy to use interface, your custom collage is just a few clicks away. Drag your photos to the image tray, select your collage and picture shape, hit the play button, and you'e done.

cf/x photo ($19.99) is an application that's loaded with professional features but remains incredibly easy to use. photo includes 6 workspaces to make your photos stand out from the rest: Crop, Effects, Frames, Text, Watermarking and Transparency, all with easy to use controls. Enjoy a non-destructive editing environment, save your favorite presets and easily export your work with just a click.

cf/x cookie cutter ($4.99) is like an ordinary cookie cutter, but for your photos. Create perfect cutouts from your favorite images in seconds with more than 60 cookie cutters to choose from. Just drop a photo in the main window, choose a shape, tweak its settings and bake. It's that easy. Share your cookies on Flickr, add to iPhoto or Apeture and export to most common file formats.


What does it do?
A collection of 6 amazing photo applications that will help you turn your pictures into works of art.
Who is it for?
Photographers of all skill levels will love the power these apps put at your fingertips.
OS X 10.6 or later, 64-bit processor
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