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Exhibeo lets your easily create stunning image presentations for the web. Drag and drop your images, select one of the beautifully designed themes and customize your galleries and slideshows with a wealth of options. Easily build responsive, high-resolution slideshows, so you can be confidant your presentations will look great wherever they are viewed. Create beautiful HTML5 presentation on your Mac with Exhibeo.
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Exhibeo creates stunning, modern, and responsive HTML5 image presentations for the web. And fast! It's a Mac app for web designers, developers, and creatives to build HTML5 web galleries and slideshows. Just add your images, change some settings (if you want to), and out they pop! Exhibeo supports regular web graphics (PNG, JPEG, and GIF), as well as Photoshop, TIFF, RAW, and a whole bunch of other file types. Exhibeo comes with a bunch of themes for all kinds of purposes. Some are fixed, but most are responsive, meaning they look great wherever they're viewed" on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop. You know that moment when you swipe an image on your iPad, only to find nothing happens? Well, that doesn't happen here. If you see back or forward buttons, you can swipe it!

It doesn't matter whether you're building your site in a text editor, Freeway, or any other web design application. Just export as HTML, copy/paste the resulting code into your web page, and place the files on your server. Of course, Freeway users get it easy. The provided Freeway Action will do all the work for them.


What does it do?
Create beautiful HTML5 presentations in just a few clicks.
Who is it for?
Web designers, developers, and other creatives will love how easy Exhibeo makes it to create HTML5 web galleries and slideshows.
OS X 10.7.4 or later

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