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Design frames for your photos and paintings.
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ImageFramer Lite ($14.95) & ImageFramer Pro ($49.95) are also on sale; click here to compare features.ImageFramer enables you to create stunning frames for your photos quickly. Features include:
  • Apply multiple layers of photorealistic and artistic frames.
  • Adapt the colors and sizes of the frame and the mat for the best appearance.
  • Multiple variations for each image.
  • Export the framed image to a number of formats in a number of sizes.
  • 400+ included frames (800+ in the Pro edition), with more being added constantly.
  • Supports vector frames.
  • Standard/Pro Edition: Flexible textual and image watermarks.
  • Pro Edition: Frame Editor allows you to add your own frames or edit existing ones.
  • Pro Edition: High-res frames with supplier & catalog numbers.
  • Pro Edition: Commercial-use license.


Mac OS X 10.5 or later.
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