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Studiometry is an all-in-one business manager that helps you track your clients, projects, and work. Ideal for businesses with 1-50 employees, Studiometry makes it easy to set up a project, track the work you do, and output a clean, professional invoice for your client. You'll wonder how you ever managed without it.
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Studiometry can store information about clients, contacts, projects, to-dos, payments, timers, invoices, reports, employees, and more. It features networking, multiple employee support (with permissions and hour tracking), simultaneous search of all data, multiple currencies (with automatic exchange-rate updating), multiple contacts per client, project and client statuses and categories, modifiable taxes, and many more features.


What does it do?
All-in-one business manager that helps you track your clients, projects, and work.
Who is it for?
Project managers, small business owners, and anyone in need of a better work-tracking and invoicing system.
OS X 10.5 or later
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