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The Ondesoft Mini-Bundle includes all 9 of Ondesoft's acclaimed Mac apps. Convert and edit audio, scan and capture your screen, or manipulate PDFs. For work and play, Ondesoft's apps are handy and fun.
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About this Deal
Save 95% on the entire suite of Ondesoft applications

Here's what's included:

Screen Capture lets you capture and edit screenshots. Surpassing your Mac's built-in capabilities, Screen Capture gives you extensive annotations options and even lets you grab shots of scrolling windows.

Audio Recorder lets you record audio from any app on your Mac. Ideal for capturing music from streaming services like YouTube and Pandora, Audio Recorder comes complete with trimming and editing features.

Audiobook Converter liberates your audiobooks by converting them from protected formats (DRM) to a variety of file types. With zippy conversion speeds and support for all the most popular formats, Audiobook Converter will introduce you to a more flexible e-reading experience.

iTunes Converter unlocks DRM-protected iTunes files, giving you universal access to your media. Extract audio from iTunes videos or convert MP3s to M4As without losing valuable metadata tags.

ClipBuddy collects everything you cut, copy, and paste in a comprehensive organizer. Store and manage clips from every app, then utilize powerful features like Super Paste, a customizable looper for pasting multiple clips.

w3capture captures web pages as PDFs. Whether you need to capture multiple sites or create a screenshot of an excessively long page, w3capture puts you only a click away from a flawless hi-res image.

iPleco is a thorough app uninstaller that leaves no log, cache, or reference file behind. With only a few clicks, you can initiate a complete uninstall that keeps your Mac clutter free and running at peak performance.

sBlaster is a straightforward audio recorder for all your apps. Packaged in a charming retro interface, sBlaster is a quick and easy audio grabber.

Screen Rulers is a highly customizable measurement tool for your Mac. Choose pixels, inches, or centimeters and measure windows and objects from a variety of angles.


What does it do?
A collection of 9 acclaimed Mac apps for audio conversion, PDF manipulation, and more.
Who is it for?
Every Mac user will enjoy this versatile set of utilities.
64-bit Processor, OS X 10.6 or later

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