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With Panorama Maker Pro, you can expand your images and videos into majestic panoramas. Choose from five flexible stitching modes to create your masterpiece, then preview and manage your product for flawless printing. Panorama Maker Pro even gives you smart image tagging and rating options. Make your images larger-than-life -- get Panorama Maker Pro today!
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About this Deal
Panorama Maker creates stunning panoramic images from your photos and videos.

Your images, on a grand scale
  • Stitch photos and videos into beautiful panoramas.
  • Take advantage of smart and helpful media-matching capabilities.
  • Choose from 5 flexible stitching modes.
  • Manage and edit your media with ease.
  • Preview and manage your panoramas for flawless printing.


What does it do?
Create stunning panoramic images from your photos and videos.
Who is it for?
If you have a creative spark, you'll enjoy the process of stitching your images and videos into wide-screen masterpieces.

OS X 10.7.3 or later

Arcsoft, Inc.

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