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Flavours lets you design and share themes for your Mac. Change OS X’s chrome borders to a bright canary yellow, a creamy vanilla, or a polished wooden hue. Mix and match colors and textures to your heart’s content. With Flavours, your Mac reflects your personality.
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About this Deal
Flavours lets you design and share themes for your Mac.

Create beautiful themes with ease and quickly apply them to give your Mac a unique new look.
  • Simply beautiful. Create a new theme in only minutes, but maintain the classy OS X polish forever.
  • Share and borrow. Let the world view your creations and browse themes designed by others.
  • Powerful editing. Take control of your Mac's style with an in-depth, Retina optimized theme editor with built-in live preview features.


What does it do?
Create and apply themes to change the appearance of OS X.
Who is it for?
If you love your Mac but crave new customization options, Flavours is the perfect way to spice up OS X.

OS X 10.7.3 or later

Interacto Labs, Inc.

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