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iShowU HD Pro is a fast and reliable screen capture utility for creating videos of your Mac’s screen. Capture your achievement in a video game. Create an accurate video of technical issue. Or record screen activity for a lesson or presentation. iShowU Pro makes it happen.
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iShowU HD Pro is the pinnacle of realtime capture. Faster than ever with more features to boot! Create tutorials, make a demo for the web, record your favorite game (World of Warcraft!), collaborate on UI design, show tech support what's really going on with that broken program.

  • Instant Capture: No need to export the video for it to be usable1. Once recording is complete you can immediately email it, or drag it into a video editor for further editing.
  • Record Keyboard & Mouse: Show your viewers the keys you're using to perform tasks (HD Pro only). Identify when you're clicking the mouse by using a mouse action.
  • Record from iSight & DV cameras: Personalize your presentation using your built-in iSight camera, or indeed any connected camera!
  • Real-time Preview: Use any picture or image as a watermark by dragging it directly onto the preview. (HD Pro only)
  • Upload to YouTube / Blip.TV: Upload your finished product directly to YouTube or Blip.TV2. Built-in presets to get the best quality.
  • Supports Pro Apps: Includes built-in presets for Final Cut. Finished recordings can be dragged directly from iShowU HD into the timeline. (HD Pro only)
  • Point & Shoot: Don't be restricted to capturing only the full screen. HD lets you specify your own capture area. Say goodbye to "post cropping" of video.
  • Real-time super fast scaling: Want to record at half the size? 2560×1900 into 720p? Now it's no longer a problem - iShowU HD has realtime super quick GPU scaling.


What does it do?
Screen capture utility for quickly and easily creating videos of your Mac’s screen
Who is it for?
Anyone in need of a fast accurate screen capture -- from gamers, to teachers, to IT professionals.
OS X 10.6.6 or later
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