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DSP-Quattro is an exceptional toolset for audio recording, editing, and mastering. Create professional-quality recordings with your Mac’s microphone or an audio interface, then edit the sound files to add dynamics and color. Master your music for a CD, or use powerful plug-ins to access bold effects, virtual instruments, and tutorials. Whether you’re a musician, an engineer, or a collector, DSP-Quattro will help you find your sound.
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About this Deal
DSP-Quattro is the complete solution for audio file editing, plug-in hosting and audio-CD mastering. Main features:
  • Universal Binary support: DSP-Quattro runs natively on Macs based on Intel processors.
  • Fully programmable PlayList with real time and non-destructive internal and/or plug-in effects and crossfades between tracks.
  • Built-in audio CDROM burning capability that conforms to the Redbook standards, full CD-Text support.
  • AudioUnit and VST Instruments and Effects real-time and off-line plug-in support.
  • Advanced waveform editor for audio files and the Playlist, with tools for zooming, the state of art in graphic visual interface for audio editing.
  • Many more features.


What does it do?
Digital audio toolset for recording, editing, and mastering.
Who is it for?
Musicians, audio engineers, and music collectors.
Mac OS X 10.5 or later
I3 S.r.l.

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