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Go back to the Middle Ages with classic Sims gameplay in Sims Medieval. Expand your kingdom, develop your characters, and raise up heroes of legend through RPG style quests in this Sims classic.
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The Sims Medieval is a simulation game that pulls you out of our time period and into an era full of kings, castles, and public executions. You control a kingdom of your own, but the main focus of the game isn’t decorating. The option is still there, but your goal is to create a sweet kingdom through hard work and quests. Start a family, but as in the very first Sims game, your children will stay that age, making this a non-generational game where you focus more on your kingdom, and less on designing a home and having a family line that goes on for years to come.

Do you want a spectacular kingdom full of wealth and beauty, where the people are merry and sing songs while sitting a round table full of mead and fresh meat? Or do you want a warlike kingdom, where the ruler is a tyrannical beast who orders beheadings when the court jester tells a bad joke? You decide how you want your kingdom to turn out and work to achieve your dream in The Sims Medieval.


What does it do?
Classic Sims gameplay with RPG elements.
Who is it for?
If you're a fan of the Sims franchise you'll love the quests and RPG elements of Sims Medieval.
OS X 10.5.8 or later, Mac Game Store account (free)

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