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Organize your lists and action items differently with Priority Matrix. Because linear, numerical to-do lists don't work for everyone, Priority Matrix organizes your to-do's into a unique quadrant system that helps you focus on the most important items. Plan differently, and be more productive with Priority Matrix.
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Priority Matrix distinguishes itself from traditional linear to-do lists in that it excels at guiding the user's focus to the tasks with the highest return. Customers have called it a "higher dimension" productivity app because it helps them focus on more than just due dates, but visual categorization through quadrants, icons, and completion percentage while remaining absolutely natural to use.

Plan differently. The acclaimed iOS app, now on the Mac. Also featuring free Cloud Sync with any device running the app, Priority Matrix by Appfluence is a thoughtful and beautiful time management tool completely redesigned to take advantage of what Mac OS X has to offer. Priority Matrix is your solution to visually organize your to-do list, agenda, and priorities.

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With Priority Matrix Cloud Sync, your data travels with you. Your project work can be synchronized to the cloud and be accessed on any device running Priority Matrix.

Primary Features:
  • Quadrants based priority / organization of projects
  • Touch, drag and drop to add, edit, and manipulate items
  • Visual organization that's customizable by colors & labels
Other Features:
  • Search filter by keywords
  • Drag-n-drop interaction for deletion, duplication, moving
  • Powerful copy and paste operations
  • Sort items alphabetically, by due date, or by completion percentage
  • Dozens of reminder icons & symbols
  • Progress tracking
  • Target date
  • Dynamically resizable quadrants
  • Many other features
Priority Matrix is the most flexible organization tool on the market. With this single app, you can use it for any number of applications below:
  • Daily planning
  • SWOT analysis
  • Pros / Cons list
  • Project management
  • View dozens of tasks at the same time
Get it on the Mac (and iPhone, iPad) today and join the thousands of people who use Priority Matrix on a daily basis.


What does it do?
Visualize your to-do list with quadrants and progress tracking.
Who is it for?
If your schedule is in disarray and you've tried traditional to-do lists, you need to organize and visualize your to-do's with Priority Matrix.
OS X 10.7 or later

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