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The Mac Premium Bundle from Intego is the gold-standard for securing your personal info on your Mac. Gain access to 6 security-focused apps: Virus Barrier, Net Barrier, Family Protector, Washing Machine, Personal Backup, and the revolutionary new Identity Scrubber. When it comes to security, foresight is crucial -- proactively protect your Mac and your personal info with the Mac Premium Bundle.
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Mac Premium Bundle 2013 protects your Mac before you connect to the Internet. Let’s face it, there’s a lot that can go wrong: viruses and malware, network attacks, dangerous predators, the theft of personal data, inappropriate content in front of your kids, system failure and data loss. Mac Premium Bundle 2013 was created to address each of these issues and offer the comprehensive protection you’ve been looking for.

Includes the following software:
  • VirusBarrier 2013: Keeps your computer free of malware such as Mac viruses, Windows viruses, Unix viruses, Microsoft Word and Excel macro viruses, Trojan horses, worms, spyware, adware, hacking tools, dialers, keyloggers, and scareware (fake security programs)
  • Net Barrier 2013: Active application list easily identifies applications using bandwidth as well as incoming vs. outgoing bandwidth for each application
  • Identity Scrubber: Helps protect your identity by finding files on your desk that contain personal information like social security numbers, credit card numbers, addresses, passwords, bank account numbers, driver license, date of birth, phone numbers, email addresses, passport numbers, and more
  • Family Protector: Blocks objectionable web content, including categories of content, specific web sites, sites with specific keywords, and access to sites requiring https
  • Washing Machine: Frees space on your Mac by cleaning the unnecessary files that accumulate through daily use
  • Personal Backup: Backs up your digital memories and important documents


What does it do?
Suite of security tools for protecting your Mac and your personal information online.
Who is it for?
Every Mac user's computer stores personal information. Protect it with the Mac Premium Bundle.
OS X 10.6 or later

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