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Master Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with the ClickMinded SEO Training Course. Packed with over 5 hours of tutorials and lessons, ClickMinded helps digital marketing novices become optimization experts. Learn fundamental concepts like on- and off-page optimization, canonical tagging, site mapping, social media strategy, and more. If your website is crucial to your business or organization, you already know the value of SEO. Let ClickMinded be your optimization advisor.
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About this Deal
ClickMinded SEO Training Course is an online class with a single overarching goal: to help you learn how search engine optimization fundamentally works.

Learn more about the ClickMinded course here.

Introduction to SEO. A foundational introduction to what search engine optimization is and how to think about this class.

On-Page Optimization. Understand keyword research and user searcher intent (with live step-by-step video tutorials).

Off-Page Optimization. An overview of off-page optimization and the importance of natural links.

Social Media and SEO Synopsis. How social media networks like Twitter and Facebook affect search engine rankings.

Technical Optimization. 301 redirects, canonical tags, site speed, HTML and XML sitemaps and indexing.

Competitive Analysis Tools. Actionable data on which tools to use in order to analyze your competitors' strategy.

The SEO Training Handbook. All of the material in the 5-hour course, available for download in PDF form.

Startup SEO Audit. A 20 minute tutorial with a comprehensive analysis of a startup in San Francisco.

New Site Video Tutorial. A 12 lecture, 60-minute video tutorial, with the exact strategy I use to start new websites.


What does it do?
A web-based course on Search Engine Optimization, featuring more than 5 hours of tutorials and lessons.
Who is it for?
Digital marketers of all experience levels will benefit from this comprehensive collection of lessons and tutorials.
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