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Keynote Show livens up your Keynote presentation with hundreds of themes, objects, and animations. Coordinate fonts, colors, background textures, and bullets to create a cohesive slideshow experience. Whether presenting a high-profile project for work or putting together a grade-saving assignment for class, you'll find the attention-getting visual elements your Keynote demands. That's Keynote Show.
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About this Deal
Keynote Show let's you choose your theme from a variety of presentation styles with coordinated fonts, colors, background textures, bullets and picture frames. We provide a number of themes to expand your Apple’s Keynote presentation features! Choose from a number of Keynote Themes, Keynote Motion Themes, Keynote Themes for iPad, Keynote Animations and Cliparts. From 3D image to animation, from Balloons to Business Theme, and a lot more. You will find all you need to make your presentations unforgettable.

Choose from 100+ themes, objects, and animations:
  • 105 Keynote Themes
  • 52 Keynote Motion Themes
  • 33 Keynote Themes for iPad
  • 115 Keynote Animations
  • 181 3D Keynote objects


What does it do?
Share your ideas effectively with this collection of Keynote themes, objects, and animations.
Who is it for?
Whether making a Keynote presentation for work or for class, you'll find a bright and beautiful theme in this collection.
OS X 10.4.10 or later
Apple Keynote 4.0 or later

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