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Quickly access your recently used files and apps with Trickster. Conveniently located in your menubar, Trickster keeps your most essential files close at hand, freeing you from the chore of rooting through folders and directories. Open, preview, and move your files at a moment's notice -- Trickster makes it easy!
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About this Deal
Trickster (was Blast) is a productivity booster application that places all recently used files at the user's fingertips, providing fast and easy access to them.

Trickster keeps track of all of the recently used files on your Mac. With Trickster, all of these documents are just one click away. Files are accessible at anytime by clicking on the application icon in the menu bar, making it easier than ever to perform common functions like: open, preview, move, and many others.


What does it do?
Keeps your recently used files at your fingertips.
Who is it for?
If you regularly call upon a certain set of apps and folders, speed up your workflow with Trickster.
OS X 10.7 or later
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