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KidsMotion is the ultimate interactive filmmaking experience for children of all ages. In just a few clicks, your child can create bright and bubbly videos for birthdays, holidays, and school presentations. Use colorful templates to create starting points for imaginative projects. Convert videos for family-friendly sharing via Facebook, YouTube, email, and more. Put your child's creative in motion -- get KidMotion today!
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About this Deal
KidsMotion is an innovative video software for kids who love to create and share animations. Using photos, music and videos in just a few clicks, they can become video creators.

Birthdays, holidays, school presentations… all major events can be narrated with KidsMotion. Using a wide range of themes, users can transport their presentations into different worlds.

KidsMotion is the latest solution to easily share stories on facebook, Youtube, by email, or converting videos for Quicktime.

Aquafadas offers simple and useful features with KidsMotion:

  • animated presentations using photos, music and videos
  • choice between the various themes: pulled by flying insects, carried by hot air balloons above Paris and many other topics
  • sharing creations on facebook, Youtube, by email etc.
  • intuitive and easy to use interface.


What does it do?
A fun, kid-friendly introduction to filmmaking.
Who is it for?
KidsMotion will ignite the imaginations of children of all ages.
OS X 10.5.8 or later

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